Not-the-Booker event in London 10 November



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November 10, 2011, 7pm, The Book Club, London

Brooklyn, NY; October 24, 2011 — On November 10, Melville House will host an evening of drinks and lively literary debate in London. The focus: the internet’s rowdiest fiction competition, the Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize, and literary merit on blogs and in online discussion.

The panel boasts Melville House author Lars Iyer, whose novel Spurious was a finalist for the prize; this year’s winner and author of King Crow, Michael Stewart; fellow finalist and Jude in London author Julian Gough; and blogging guru and founder of ReadySteadyBook, Mark Thwaite. The panel will be chaired by the Guardian’s Sam Jordison, reviewer and referee-in-chief of the Not the Booker prize.

In the year that the literary establishment seemed finally to tire of the Man Booker Prize, its irreverent and totally democratic younger sister underwent its fiercest battle to date. There were damning reviews, nominations relinquished in umbrage, harsh words, and the promise of nudity: and that was just among the authors. The event will be an opportunity for Sam Jordison to discuss his stinging criticisms with the authors—of one book he said “it’s hard to express just how bad this book is”— and for authors to reflect on their openness to praise or attack from anyone with an internet connection.

Should authors and publishers intervene when the fight gets dirty? Or does a published book no longer belong to the people that created it? And what does this mean for the future of literary debate? Here’s the chance to find out.

Everybody’s a Critic is part of Internet Week Europe. For more information visit

The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH.

Michael Stewart



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2 Responses to Not-the-Booker event in London 10 November

  1. Michael Stewart says:

    This is next Thursday (10 Nov)… for those in London…

  2. Donna Cherry Stretton says:

    Aw, the adorable Mark Thwaite will be there. Wish I could make it but I’m working on the Friday otherwise I’d have been very tempted. You and Mark together, what a night!

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