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Pass this on to anyone thinking of going to see the film Carlos and they will save three hours of their lives. The following paragraph contains all the information the film imparts plus extras and it only took me just over a minute on Wikipedia to find it out.

Carlos was a Venezuelan terrorist originally named Ilich after Lenin (his father was a Leninist). He joined the youth movement of the national communist party. In 1970 he volunteered for the PFLP. He got his nickname Carlos by The Guardian newspaper when Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal was found amongst his belongings. He is serving a life sentence in a French prison. In 1973 he tried and failed to assassinate the vice president of the British Zionist Federation, Joseph Sieff (who was chairman of Marks & Spencer at the time). He was also responsible for a number of failed bomb attacks, failed grenade attacks, and a lot of failed attacks in general. He and his gang attacked the OPEC headquarters in Vienna in 1975 and took over 60 hostages. This also ended in failure and he was expelled from the PFLP. He spent much of the last years of his freedom, moving from one country to another, smoking a lot of Cuban cigars and drinking a lot of whiskey… He experimented a lot with facial hair fashion and once had liposuction to remove his love handles.

NB – go and see Carlos, it’s your choice… but you will never get those three hours of your life back…

Michael Stewart



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