She scrubs the taps with Ajax,

she bleaches the bath with Domestos,

she scours the bowl with vinegar and wire.

On her hands and knees, she rubs

the stains from the wood.

She takes the sheets

and the covers from the seats

and soaks them in a pint of Parazone.

She polishes the glass with a linen scrim

and spray gun of Windolene.

Then she takes a brush to her nails

and rubs until they bleed.

Her work is done, it’s over

now everything inside is clean,

no one would know he’d even been.

Michael Stewart


About headspam

I'm a writer from Salford, now based in Bradford. I've written for theatre, radio and TV. And the following books: King Crow (novel: Bluemoose Books); Couples (poetry: Valley Press); Cafe Assassin (novel: Bluemoose Books); Mr Jolly (short stories: Valley Press) Author page:
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